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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Do It!

What is the key to effective money management? Are there secrets those who are winning with money have that no one else knows? Hardly. I'm not a mega-millionaire. I'm still learning what winning with money means. But this much I have learned. I have learned to win with money, the key is to modify behavior. If you want to win with money, stop doing what you are currently doing. If you are using credit cards to make most of your purchases, stop it! Imagine for a moment if you took all the money being paid to your credit card companies each month, and instead put it in a savings or money market account to catch all of life's emergencies. How much would be there in a year?
The key to being smart with money is not to fill your head with more information. Most Americans know they are overextended on credit, need to save for emergencies, and should live on a budget. The key to winning with money is to DO IT! Take what is in your head, and let it influence your actions. Money management is not theoretical. Money management is highly practical

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