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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Expense of Stupidity

Ever paid stupid tax? Financial author Dave Ramsey defines stupid tax as "doing anything stupid that costs you money." I think everyone has paid stupid tax. The new cell phone you "needed." The "no-money-down" house. Waiting a little too long to have that squeaking noise coming from your wheels looked at. Blowing several hundred dollars you don't really have beacause you "deserve" a plasma TV. We've all done something stupid with our money.
The issue is not if something stupid has been done. The question is, will it end? Are you willing to delay pleasure? Are you willing to tell the tantrum-throwing, three-year-old kid inside you to shut up? Are you mad enough at your financial situation to actaully change your behavior?
It's time. It's time to stop spending money you really don't have to buy stuff you really don't need to impress people you really don't like. It's time to think before making a purchase, instead of dreading it after you made it. It's time to be done with the stupidity, and paying for it.

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